Getting Started

Welcome to this guide, you are now getting prepared on how to use the bot, and it's modules.
If Yuki doesn't respond to a command, please report them to our support server by clicking 'Support' on top, and suggest everything that you wanna see in Yuki on our support server.
So you found a bot with name Yuki. You invited it because this bot is might be awesome. Yuki provides a full configurable interface without buying/purchasing anything, or forcing you about purchasing expensive virtual items for nothing.
If a module isn't listed there that because that module is very new, and it will gets it's page soon or later.
To get started please visit our Server Configurations category to help set up your server, this will shows how you can edit/configure that following module.
And also join our support server if you need help. And anyway, go head to our Interactive Settings category to help you set up the censor or the antiRaid modules. There is the interactive settings below;
Anyway, visit other articles/categorys by clicking them this message below. Yuki is mobile-friendly and supports your suggestions/ideas or fanarts.
This is the music category; This provides error codes/API codes/error codes and how you can use this Music module.
Issues or errors when playing a music report it at our support server, or visit the following page;
Happy chatting! :)