Welcome Channel

How should you greet new members.
This module required to enable the greetingEnable module. Without enabling the modules will likely cause the welcome not triggering. So enable the module by typing
y!config edit greetingEnable <true/false>

What is this do?

This modules defines Yuki where send welcome messages and where Yuki should send it, view the image for an example.
Updated Server Configurations
In this image, we can see where it configured to send the message on when a user joins. If yuki cannot have the right permissions to see or view the channel, it will very VERY likely to not gonna work.

Channel Configuration

To set the channel where Yuki should send a welcome message just type
y!config edit welcomeChannel <yourchannelname/yourchannelid>

Editing the message

No need to worry, if you doesn't want to edit the message, you can just leave it as the default value. But you can change the message by typing
y!config edit welcomeMessage Welcome to the server %username% (%mention%) Now we have %membercount% members on the server.